EachScape studio 3x to 4x faster enterprise mBaaS


Add Modules.

Add your native code.

Add any 3rd party SDK.

Open and flexible. Truly Exciting.

Use our SDK to add your own code.

Use native iOS or Android code to develop your modules.

Alternatively use JavaScript to write your Modules.

EachSCape studio - developer guite to building EachSCape blocks


Add 3rd party Analytics packages.

Add the Analytic package of your choice as a Module.

Already available as Module: Omniture, Google Analytics, Splunk, Flurry, Web trends.

EachScape studio - Analytic


Add 3rd party Ad SDK.

Add the Ad Network package of your choice as a Module.

Already available as Modules: Google IMA, DoubleClick, Admob, mDialog, Rhythm

EachScape studio - Analytic


Beyond Facebook and Twitter:

Add 3rd party Social Network SDK.

Social Networks already integrated: Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, LinkedIn, Gigya.

EachScape mobile app studio


Add 3rd party Push Notifications or use EachScape Push Notifications.

Add the Push Notification package of your choice or use EachScape integrated Push Notifications.

Already available:Urban Airship

EachScape mobile app builder ad serving feature


Geofencing. Beacons. Wifi Indoor location.

Leverage indoor location technology, or native geofencing to develop location sensitive apps. 

Add 3rd party SDK to extend beyond the standard iOS and Android services.

EachScape mobile app studio


InApp Purchase. 

Leverage iTunes and Google Play to sell Digital Goods.

Pre-integrated in EachScape.

EachScape mobile app studio

Location Aware Billing. 

Use GeoFences to trigger a billing event.

EachScape mobile app studio