Pricing Q&A

Do I need to pay while I develop my app?

No you don’t.

You pay when you are ready to submit your app.

Once my app is on the Apple App Store or Google Play, do I need to continue paying the subscription?

No you don’t.

With the Developer Plan you can hop on and hop off.

Hop on when you need to update or change your app. Hop off when you don’t.

When the app has been published on a Store who owns the app?

You own everything you published on the App Stores.

Do I have unlimited app downloads?


Unlimited downloads and unlimited users of the app.

If I decide to cancel my subscription, what happens to the app?

The app stays in the Stores and continues to function as it.

This also works if you pause your subscription. The system will keep your App as it.

Who will submit my app

You submit your app using your own credentials.

The app is under your name under the app stores.

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