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There are important transformations and key technologies retail needs to embrace to stay relevant. But none more important than AI. Experience. There is a fairly broad consensus that stores ought to evolve into an experience to get the required return. Use the space not onlyKeep Reading
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      Employees are the customer-facing aspect of every company. Since they are the ones driving sales and interacting with customers, it’s important to invest in employee development in order to empower them to do their best work. Although managers struggle with how toKeep Reading
Take a minute to watch Keiichi Matsuda Hyper Reality experience: The Threat All the tech building blocks to make that experience come true already exist. We might not have yet the full immersive experience yet but between multi shaped social Likes and Rewards, Amazon everKeep Reading
For companies to succeed in 2017, they need more than just a physical store or an engaging website. Separate experiences won’t cut it anymore, either, since customers expect smart service across all brand platforms. For companies to stay ahead of their competitors, a strong andKeep Reading