Be there.  EachScape powered E! Entertainment app will broadcast the Golden Globes in live 360. Using multiple 360 camera throughout the event user will be able to switch back and forth to enjoy different view points.    Moving the phone all around let users watch the surrounding exactly as if they
Strabucks Retail Technology
Gorgeous 30,000 square feet of Retail Technology: Augmented Reality and Latte. Starbucks is embracing Alibaba AR retail technology. The locations are gorgeous, immense spaces designed like no other and filled with high tech. A destination space with a purpose. And yes, they do also serve coffee Customer expectations will shift rapidly. iPhone X
Facial recognition
In a very interesting article written by Stephen Lebovitz in WWD, Stephen refers to a new patent filed by Wal-Mart for a robot that would use facial recognition to identify unhappy shoppers. In this article, he points out the many technologies enabling a profound change in retail and making that transition truly exciting.
AI Fashion Assistant
Alibaba AI Fashion Assistant analyzes customers’ clothing and makes suggestions. $26 Billions in revenue in ONE day: At that speed it would take Alibaba 18 days to reach Wallmart yearly revenue. The AI Fashion Assistant is the tip of the iceberg.   The eCommerce giant is investing $15 Billions over the next
Use of AR at restaurant
A fun, entertaining use of AR for this restaurant guests. This restaurant put on a wonderful AR show for their dinner guests. Hit the jump to see the mini-chef in action. In the author’s own words: For this project, we experimented with projection onto a dinner table. By making use
There are important transformations and key technologies retail needs to embrace to stay relevant. But none more important than AI. Experience. There is a fairly broad consensus that stores ought to evolve into an experience to get the required return. Use the space not only to sell but also to
App empowering employees
Employees are the customer-facing aspect of every company. Since they are the ones driving sales and interacting with customers, it’s important to invest in empowering employees in order to empower them to do their best work. Although managers struggle with how to cultivate their employees beyond the occasional raise or staff
Hyper Reality Shopping
Take a minute to watch Keiichi Matsuda Hyper Reality experience: The Threat of Hyper Reality All the tech building blocks to make that Hyper Reality experience come true already exist. We might not have yet the full immersive experience yet but between multi shaped social Likes and Rewards, Amazon ever
Customer Experience : From store to digital
For companies to succeed in 2017, they need more than just a physical store or an engaging website. Separate customer experiences won’t cut it anymore, either, since customers expect smart service across all brand platforms. For companies to stay ahead of their competitors, a strong and seamless omnichannel approach is