The only true Drag & Drop platform capable of generating Native – Xcode, Eclipse –
Hybrid and Webapps from the same environment.

EachScape Platform

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EachScape Platform

UX / UI is Hard

Designing a great looking, functional UI is very hard.
Especially if aesthetic is a key requirement.
Yet it is critical for success.

EachScape offers the most advanced mobile Design environment ever.
Its Drag & Drop interface allows for the creation of the most complex UI in the simplest possible way.

Drag & Drop Visual Editor makes it easy to design complex UI.
Visual Editor v5.0 saves time & Money.


Connect to Any Data

Connecting multiple CMS, transactional databases or any other web services are key requirements of any app development.
Data Manager is a suite of Data Connectors and Data Ingestion services for enterprises to connect to multiple data source and use web services to perform transactions.

EachScape Enterprise Data Management.
Connect Everything

EachScape Platform


Code Repository

Once application are developed they need to be managed. Code needs to be updated.

EachScape Enterprise Code management facilitate code management across the enterprise. Versioning makes it easy to manage what code is used where.

Code Repository with Version Control.
Truly manage ALL your mobile code.

EachScape Platform


EachScape Platform


Either it’s Google DFP, Omniture, Shazam or Augmented Reality Enterprise apps require 3rd party SDK integration.
Additional code increases complexity exponentially.

With EachScape Open Framework Clients integrate their own native code or 3rd party code using EachScape SDK. Pre-integrated 3rd party SDK for Analytic, Ad Serving, Social Media speed up integrations.

Ad Serving, Analytic, Social Media.
Save time with ready to use 3rd Party Integrations



Xcode, Eclipse Projects

Open your iOS app in Xcode and Android in Eclipse.

EachScape is the only platform generating true native applications which you can open in real development environment.

Truly native Apps

EachScape Platform

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