Increase recurring purchases.

L'Oréal Retail technology customer capture mobile app


Who walks in?

Customer Capture is an App to capture customer information.

Available for phone or Tablet.

On a stand or for sales associates.

Can be combined with other Apps like clienteling.

Customer Capture


Customer Capture helps customer engagement by opening a dialog between the sales associate and the customers.


No missed opportunities, embrace digital.

Immediately add customer to digital marketing workflow.


Maximize store engagements.

Clienteling helps sales associate maximize customer engagement.

Available for Phones or Tablets.

It presents CRM data in a readily usable fashion to the sales associates.

Retail technology CRM Mobile app

60% sales increase

Nine West saw a huge increase with Clienteling.

More engagement through better information made a massive difference.

Customer 360 view

Buying pattern, preferred products but also reminders, questionnaires and more: Clienteling offers a unique perspective on customers.

Join successful retailers and increase customer loyalty.

Retail technology customer capture mobile app

Customer Apps

Stay connected with your Customers.

EachScape Mobile app on retail technology


Where are your clients?

Customer Apps help understand client behavior.

In Store positioning help deliver the right product information.

Geofence help deliver the right promotion to the right customer.

Customer Apps

Store Operations

Save floor time.

Retail inventory management mobile app


Inventory is too costly and takes too much time?

Reduce cost by using standard mobile devices.

Reduce time with real time connection to back end.

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