Strabucks Retail Technology

After L’Oreal & Victoria’s Secret, Starbucks embraces Alibaba Retail technology suite.

Gorgeous 30,000 square feet of Retail Technology: Augmented Reality and Latte.

Starbucks is embracing Alibaba AR retail technology. The locations are gorgeous, immense spaces designed like no other and filled with high tech. A destination space with a purpose. And yes, they do also serve coffee

Customer expectations will shift rapidly. iPhone X is a powerful AR device so are the latest Samsung, meaning that AR is rapidly becoming readily available to all.

AR experiences will very quickly become as prevalent as web browsing experience. 



Deal Catch, a Pokemon experience for Retail

EachScape Deal Catch is like Pokemon but for retail. Customers catch AR coupons floating in the air at a location decided by the retailer. The coupons can be straight up discount or user might need to accumulate enough to win a present or discount. These are redeemable online or in stores, Request a Demo.


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