Facial recognition

Walmart uses facial recognition to detect unhappy shoppers

In a very interesting article written by Stephen Lebovitz in WWD, Stephen refers to a new patent filed by Wal-Mart for a robot that would use facial recognition to identify unhappy shoppers. In this article, he points out the many technologies enabling a profound change in retail and making that transition truly exciting. That’s exactly how we feel at EachScape.

The system “uses facial recognition software to monitor customers at checkout lanes and, if it notices an annoyed shopper, alert employees in other parts of the store to help staff the checkout area.”


Changing Shoppers Mood

EachScape uses AI the other way around. With EachScape SMILE technology, our goal is to use facial recognition to change shoppers mood and make them happier. We use a kiosk leveraging AI to make them smile. Based on their smile ‘quality’ shoppers get discount which they can immediately redeem to encourage purchase. But that’s not all: What is key is the research behind EachScape SMILE: You certainly smile when you are happy, but the research also shows that smiling  makes you happier! And that is the key.

After using EachScape Smile, customer will be happier. The in store experience will be perceived as a better experience even if the customer do not buy. More so, retailers will have captured customers key information – including emails and phone numbers -, that is great for CRM marketing. More so, the store will also have a new touch point with an eWallet Pass that customers will have received to redeem their discount. The eWallet Pass are in the customer phone. It is geolocated and dynamically updated. A powerful new touch point, for an happier client.


Read Stephen article in WWD: ‘How Technology is transforming the retail market

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